Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Christmas Stationery

We designed our own print stamps and made our own Christmas cards and labels.  We also printed our own wrapping paper using potato prints.

Totem Poles

We have been looking at Native American totem poles, learning about what the different animals represented and why they were made.  We then designed our own.  Some people made totem poles to represent their family.  Others thought about animals linked in some way, birds, animals that live in the arctic, animals that live in the garden.
Once we had designed our totem pole we worked out how we were going to make it.  We covered a plastic bottle with modroc and then made wings and other features with cardboard and clay.  Finally we painted them.

More Face Flip Books

Face Flip Books

Now we have practiced drawing faces we are designing our own flip book, creating different faces and then dividing each page into 3 sections.


We've been learning how to draw faces, here are some of our self portraits.

Summer Holidays!

Back from our summer holidays, we made pictures of ourselves and family swimming underwater.  We used wax crayons to draw the people, thinking about what we look like when we are swimming.  We then painted all over with water colour and sprinkled salt into the wet paint to give a lovely watery effect.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Painting the Masters

Some of us looked at a favourite painting and reproduced it in acrylic on canvas.  Here is a Monet and Hockney.